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Retro Game Daisuki

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Retro Gaming Daisuki


We at FC2 love the old games!
The old days with Super Nintendos and Segas were the pinnacle of the gaming industry. If you like games then we suggest you definitely check this site out!

11-12-16 RetroGaming

Make sure to visit this great FC2 blog!

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Starship 2095

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Starship 2095


The profile on this page says it all!

"A blog about anime, manga, games (new, old, PC, console, etc.), stuff from Japan, and any other neat stuff I've found around the internet!"

This blog is chock full of really interesting and funny content.

11-10-31 Starship2095

If you're bored on the net, this might be a good place to start!

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Talesweaver & PC & PS3 Gaming

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Talesweaver & PC & PS3 Gaming

Talesweaver & PC & PS3 Gaming is a cool blog about Jazz's personal experience playing Talesweaver. The blog itself is mainly in English, although there is a bit of Japanese thrown in there too. The site itself has many videos of video games trailers. If you are looking forward to upcoming Japanese game titles, this is the FC2 Blog for you!
11-10-06 TalesWeaver

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